Sunday, September 19, 2010

"It's the wheel of the world"

After more than two and a half years of regularly blogging about all things Idol, I am announcing that IDOL LIVE will be put on hiatus indefinitely. Considering my love for this show has been waning ever since Season 5 and I am just starting my final, most challenging semester of college, I don't have the time, nor the drive, to continue with my regular blogging duties.

The quality of this past season didn't help matters, as I almost ended IDOL LIVE immediately following the end of the season, but decided to carry on in case anything interesting happened (and technically, the Fantasia episode warranted my decision to stick with it). But as Idol enters its 10th season as a shadow of its former self, I think it's better to stop now rather than sit and watch the Titanic's deck chairs rearranged one last time.

Who knows, maybe by the time Simon's The X Factor debuts next fall I will be back on the blogging bandwagon? But for now, I'll be sitting on the sidelines and observing from a quieter perch. To all of you who have read my posts, commented and contributed your own material over the years, I sincerely thank you for your interest. You are what kept me going.

I can still be reached at, if necessary, and I will continue to monitor IDOL LIVE's Twitter account, but will not be publishing new material.

And with that, I will leave you with the chorus of Carrie Underwood's "Wheel of the World," one of my favorite tracks of hers:

It's the wheel of the world
It's the wheel of the world turning around
In the blink of an eye
It can change your life
And it never even slows down
It's the wheel of the world

Thanks again,


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poll of the week: Arch still favorite contestant in 'Idol' history

In the final round of IDOL LIVE's poll of the week champion series, David Archuleta reigned supreme as the preferred finalist of all time, just like he has done in the past.

After trouncing his peers in the runner-up competition four weeks ago, Arch once again demolishes the field here, earning 745 of the 820 votes cast, or 90%. The only other contender who finished with a respectable total was Carrie Underwood, who had 58 votes (7%).

The fact that six finalists failed to receive a single vote says a lot about the people who voted to get them into the finale round.

To all of you who have cast votes in the champion series rounds over the past few months, thank you very much for your efforts!

Carrie Underwood 58 (7%)
David Archuleta 745 (90%)
Melinda Doolittle 1 (0%)
Chris Daughtry 13 (1%)
Brooke White 2 (0%)
Kellie Pickler 0 (0%)
Jennifer Hudson 1 (0%)
Michael Johns 0 (0%)
Ramiele Malubay 0 (0%)
Chikezie Eze 0 (0%)
Alexis Grace 0 (0%)
David Hernandez 0 (0%)

Total votes: 820

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

David Archuleta premieres new song at MDA telethon

Jerry Lee Lewis's annual Labor Day MDA telethon featured a bunch of Idol alums as usual, including Constantine Maroulis and Ace Young. David Archuleta also stopped by to premiere his new song "Things Are Gonna Get Better." Watch the performance below:

"Things Are Gonna Get Better" will be featured on Arch's forthcoming sophomore album The Other Side of Down, out Tues., Oct. 5. It can be pre-ordered at

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HITS estimates: 'Back to Me' #5 w/ 39.4k

Back To MeThere were once again two Idol alums represented by album on the latest edition of HITS Daily Double's Top 50 building album sales chart.

Fantasia kicked things off with her two-week old Back to Me, which tumbled a hefty 68% in sales to 39.4k copies. On the chart front, it was off three spots and remained in the Top 5.

And making a surprise return to the Top 50 was Carrie Underwood, whose Play On landed at #38 with 9.1k copies.

Don't forget to check out Billboard for official positions available for the Billboard 200 on Thursday.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flashback: Nick Pedro's "Fever"

Season 6 featured a host of forgettable guys, especially in the Top 24. But Nick Pedro managed to actually make some noise with his rendition of the overdone "Fever," which has been covered by everyone and their mother. Watch the performance from Top 20 week below:

While the quick cuts to the drummer got a little annoying, Nick's vocals were for the most part on target. As to whether Simon's critiques of his style and charisma were representative of what led to his subsequent elimination the following night, we probably will never know.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

'Idol' odds 'n ends: Season 10 auditions adds last-minute Los Angeles stop

The following are Idol-related odds and ends that happened this week:

>TMZ is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is back in the good graces of Simon Fuller and co., as she will most likely sign a deal next week that will permanently put her in the seat once held by Simon Cowell/Ellen DeGeneres.
Sources connected to the negotiations tell TMZ ... contrary to some news reports ... there has been no drama and no diva demands. As one source puts it, "It's been typical negotiating."
Well, I guess TMZ has been at the forefront with all the replacement judge drama, so this bit of info is probably as reliable as anything else out there. As to whether or not J. Lo is "the key to re-energizing the show," that is certainly still up to debate.


>The nominations list for the 44th annual CMA Awards was revealed on Tuesday, and one Idol alum was able to score some nods as usual. Carrie Underwood is up for Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year for Play On. Although Carrie has a pretty good track record at these award shows, it looks to be Miranda Lambert's year, as she received a record nine nominations and looks to take home a lot of awards.

Still, it's good to know Carrie received more nods than Taylor Swift, who is only up for one category - FVotY. The 44th annual CMA Awards will air live on Wed., Nov. 10, at 8 p.m. on ABC.


>Just as the disappointing Season 9 Idols Live! Tour concluded on Tuesday, Season 10's auditions have been extended to later this month when auditions will be held at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on Wed., Sept. 22. Per Idol's website:
For the milestone 10th season of American Idol, we just couldn’t stay away from Idol’s hometown, Los Angeles, CA. In fact, this is the show’s sixth time holding hometown auditions in L.A. The goal during hometown auditions is to get a ticket Hollywood, and successful singers in L.A. won’t have to travel very far for the final round of auditions. Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Andrew Garcia are among the talented Idol stars from the City of Angels. L.A. is where the Idol finalists reside while competing for the prize, and it’s the place many Idol alumni settle to pursue their music career.
It's pretty interesting that the producers think adding a last-minute stop in LA of all places will help ensure we don't get another Season 9, since LA is one of the blandest, most uninteresting places to find talent. But whatever, if they want to attract teens from skipping school for the day, they're certainly free to do so.


>Katharine McPhee has landed another role, this one in the horror pic Shark Night 3D. Other actors recently added to the cast include Sara Paxton (The Last House on the Left) and Dustin Milligan (Extract). Per DigitalSpy:
The trio will join the recently announced Sinqua Walls, Chris Carmack, Alyssa Diaz and Joel David Moore in the 3D horror movie.

The Final Destination and Snakes On A Plane helmer David R. Ellis is behind the camera for Shark Night, which centres on a group of people who are attacked by sharks while on vacation in the Louisiana Gulf area.
Well, at least it's not Piranha 3D. But Kat, is this really the best you could do? Shark movies never hold a candle to Jaws, and 3D is getting pretty tiring by now. Still, it's good to see she's continuing to get roles.


>After only a few performances on Broadway in the musical In the Heights, Jordin Sparks injured her hip last Saturday during a show. She was understandably bummed, but like the pro that she is, she turned to Twitter to apologize to her fans and offer them a token of appreciation for coming out to see her:
"Thank you so much to everyone who came tonight. Sorry I couldn't sign. :( It's hard to stand/walk. Hopefully the physical therapist can fix me! :)

"If you'd like, you can send your playbills/tkts/pics w/ a stamped return envelope to the theatre & I'll get them back to you. Thank you for understanding. It means the world. Love you guys. <3"
Jordin is now back in tip-top shape and said she is "so attached to the cast & show already!"

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Idol' Hot 100: Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" #32 (9/11/10)

If I Had YouThere were more ups than downs for Idol-related tracks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart for the chart week of Sept. 11.

Seeming to take a breather this week was Adam Lambert, whose "If I Had You" held steady at #32 for the second week in a row. Carrie Underwood's "Undo It" continued its downward trend, however, as it was off five spots to #61.

Fantasia's "Bittersweet" started to make more headway after falling back a few spots last week, advancing #82-74. And Daughtry's "September" moved ahead five spots to #80.

Full chart positions courtesy of Billboard are below:

Hot 100
32 32 Adam Lambert, "If I Had You"
61 56 Carrie Underwood, "Undo It"
74 82 Fantasia, "Bittersweet"
75 80 Daughtry, "September"

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Poll of the week: Carrie Underwood is champ of choice

After months of exciting competition, IDOL LIVE's poll of the week champion series for 2010 is finally coming to a close. Per usual, the second-to-last round consisted of the champions from all nine seasons matched up against each other, and the results were among the closest of all rounds this year.

Considering she is probably the most popular winner to date, it's not unheard of that Carrie Underwood would take the title here, as she nabbed 29 of all 94 votes, good for 30% of all votes cast. With this win, Carrie will represent all winners in the finale. Coming up behind her was Jordin Sparks, who took in 17 votes (18%), followed by Kelly Clarkson with 15 votes (15%).

Even David Cook reeled in 13 votes for 13%, and Kris Allen took in 10 votes for 10%. Not surprisingly, the less popular winners didn't do so well in this poll, as Lee DeWyze (4%), Fantasia (4%), Ruben Studdard (1%) and Taylor Hicks (1%) each amounted vote totals in the single digits.

Now that we have had finalists from all nine seasons of all finishing positions square off against each other, it is only fair that the victors from each round take on each other in the finale of the champion series. In this final round of voting, readers will be asked which top-ranked finalist from each placing is their overall favorite of all nine seasons. Voting will be open for not one, but two weeks. Happy voting!

Kelly Clarkson 15 (15%)
Ruben Studdard 1 (1%)
Fantasia 4 (4%)
Carrie Underwood 29 (30%)
Taylor Hicks 1 (1%)
Jordin Sparks 17 (18%)
David Cook 13 (13%)
Kris Allen 10 (10%)
Lee DeWyze 4 (4%)

Total votes: 94

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HITS estimates: 'Back to Me' #2 w/ 122.1k

Back To MeIt's a good thing Fantasia's third studio album debuted this week, otherwise no Idol alum would have been represented on the latest edition of HITS Daily Double's Top 50 building album sales chart.

Fantasia's Back to Me opened at #2 with 122.1k copies, marking her highest debut on the Billboard 200 chart despite her lowest sales open to date. When putting into consideration the fact that it's been nearly three years since Fanny released a CD, this opening week take is pretty impressive, even though it most likely would have been much lower had she not been in the public eye due to her recent suicide attempt and ensuing media appearances.

While Fanny appeared on the chart, Carrie Underwood disappeared this week thanks to sliding sales of her Play On. Don't be surprised if the album finds its way back into the Top 50 over the next few weeks.

As usual, be sure to check out Billboard for official positions available for the Billboard 200 on Thursday.

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